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Deep Cleaning
Radio Frequency
Organic / Suki
Glycolic Peel
Chemical Peel
Green Peel
Vi Peel
Spot Peel
Melanin Control
Milk Peel

About Wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines and depressions that form on the skin with aging. They are folds that occur in the skin over the years by the strength of the muscles and movements of both the limbs and all the muscles called facial expression. These folds, when associated with solar effects, can become definitive, profound and even present changes in the quality of the skin at the bottom of the same. They appear mainly in areas more exposed to the sun, such as face, neck, hands and arms.  Wrinkles appear as a natural process of aging called intrinsic and also has its evolution influenced by factors called extrinsic. There is no way to avoid expressing our feelings through facial mimicry. The constant and repetitive movement of the face muscles leads to the formation of wrinkles naturally.

Treatments for wrinkles focus on stimulating the production of collagen, giving renewed appearance to the skin. There are several possibilities of treatments, the most common ones are  hialuronic acid along with  vitamins, peelings, laser, radio frequency, oxygen and so on.  The action of the substances promotes a stimulus for the production of new cells. This increases the concentration of collagen and elastin, providing greater firmness and elasticity of the skin, which in turn attenuates existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.

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