Hair Loss – Fall

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About Hair Loss – Fall

Hair loss is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world. First of all it is essential that a distinction be made between hair loss and baldness. Men in general are most affected by baldness or androgenetic alopecia, although many women also suffer from this problem. Baldness is the lack of hair on the head and numerous factors can cause hair loss. Depending on the cause, there are different ways of dealing with the problem. Male pattern baldness, the most common type, for example, has several types of treatment, but many people choose not to perform any type of treatment and “assume” their own baldness. Hair loss can be progressive in the case of male pattern baldness, but it can also happen suddenly in the case of alopecia areata. It can affect only the scalp, but it can also affect the entire body. Some types of alopecia are only temporary, others are permanent. Losing hair is normal. About 50 to 100 strands of hair fall from the head of every person every day – which is not much compared to more than 100 thousand strands on our scalp.

As we get older, our hair strands are getting thinner and thinner. However, many people have a more pronounced hair loss, which can be a sign of some more serious health problem. But even in very severe cases, those suffering from hair loss have no reason to panic: this does not lead to baldness, because all falling hair will be replaced by new hair!

Hormonal changes and metabolism can lead to temporary hair loss, which accounts for most of the cases of women who have the problem. These changes may occur during pregnancy or childbirth due to irregular use of birth control pills and also in menopause.

Treatments for hair loss focus on reactivating the structures of the capillary system, which for some problem have been impaired and potentialize the effects of substances injected into the scalp. Mesotherapy treatment consists of the application of substances just below the skin to decrease the hair loss and stimulate the growth of yarn.

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