Skins Aesthetics is a high-end clinic where we recognize that your skin is unique and requires a personalized enhancement plan to ensure we will achieve your expectations.
In our facility, a comprehensive approach is used to address your aesthetic concerns. Whether you are looking for semi permanent make up, skin treatments, anti-aging new technologies or advanced facial rejuvenation, Skins Aesthetics specialists approach in thoughtful, gentle and personalized to each client.

Our team provides truly beautiful & totally safe aesthetics enhancements following international high standard techniques and quality in beauty procedures. Our competence and passion, brought great partnerships with members of medical society in the whole GCC who highly recommend Skins experts to their patients. Skins brings together professionals with more than 10 years of expertise in the aesthetics’ field as cosmetologists focused in Semi permanent make up, Facial treatments and training worldwide.

The excellence in training made possible the creation of new techniques allied to the researches carried out by our team during courses and conferences around the world. Our goal is to ensure the perfect result to you.

Founder & visionary, Claudio Inove is a globally renowned Brazilian cosmetologist & master in Semi-Permanent make-up known for his perfectionism, artistic eye & didactic skills which have lead him to become a trendsetter in his field and compose the industry’s most successful professionals working internationally. He is also the founder & president of the FABDEC; the only existing Semi permanent Makeup Brazilian Federation created to regulate, protect the rights, improve the working conditions and support the recognition of professionals in this field.

A perfectionist by heart, Claudio Inove’s urge for constant innovation & optimization is the reason why he is now launching his first international aesthetic clinic in Dubai after many years of a successful career bringing some of the best professionals worldwide together.