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Claudio Inove

About Claudio Inove

Claudio Inove is an internationally renowned Brazilian cosmetologist & master in Semi-Permanent Make up.

His idealism and vision into the future of micro pigmentation has led him to travel the world for conferences and to teach new professionals who are immediately absorbed by the beauty industry. He has trained more than 350 new professionals and performed more than 8000 treatments in Brazil, GCC and Europe.

Claudio’s accuracy and perfectionism made him a trendsetter in the cosmetology business and an asset with regard to medical micro pigmentation working in partnership with several plastic surgeons in the UAE so that together they can transform the lives of men and women for the better.

He is also the founder & president of the FABDEC; the only existing Semi permanent Makeup Brazilian Federation created to regulate, protect the rights, improve the working conditions and support the recognition of professionals in this field.

Claudio Inove is the founder & head of Micro Pigmentation department at Skins Aesthetics Center.

James Olaya

About James Olaya

James Olaya is one of the most respected micro pigmentation professionals in Brazil. His personal touch in terms of Design & Beauty led him to create his unique hair-by-hair technique, very widespread in Brazil and abroad.

Always with eyes in the Middle East, James has acquired experience through specializations, certifications and courses in Europe.

His great experience in micro pigmentation procedures combined with his exclusive technique has opened international markets for his work and it has been surprising his clients.

James enlivens Skins Aesthetics team with his dedication, passion and knowledge as a guest artist.

Ricardo Pontes

About Ricardo Pontes

Ricardo Pontes is a DHA licensed Cosmetologist specialized in facial treatments for over 15 years. He was trained in cosmetology and aesthetics in Brazil where he has acquired his experience working in the most renowned clinics in Sao Paulo before he opened his own aesthetic center.

Ricardo has taught in several institutes, workshops, lectures and events about techniques & procedures to enhance and treat a wide range of skin issues. His extensive knowledge in the skin’s anatomy and physiology is a great asset when combined with cosmetology and new technologies to achieve amazing results in a satisfactory time.

Ricardo is the head of Facials at Skins Aesthetics Center.

Emanuelle Belmont

About Emanuelle Belmont

Emanuelle  Belmont is an expert in Eyebrows designer since 2005. Her carrier has started as a makeup artist and hair styling with several courses in the beauty industry field.

Her passion for beauty has taken her to a deep research about different eyebrow types and shapes which led her to write an article about the importance of Facial harmony that was later published in the Salon Magazine.

Emanuelle’s  extensive knowledge in facial types & contours allied to her attention & kindness has brought many women in the Middle East to her.

She is now part of the Skins Aesthetics team as a micro pigmentation expert.

Nikki Wright

About Nikki Wright

Nikki’s interest in makeup artistry and cosmetology began with her natural talent and passion for drawing and painting 20years ago, which led her on to study and complete a BA honors in Arts and Media.
She then became a certified in makeup artistry, hair and wigs from London’s top make up academy ‘Delamar’, where she was taught by expert award winning make up designers.

Nikki was recently featured in the worldwide publication ‘Make up Artist Magazine’ 20th Anniversary for her makeup skills in Dubai as makeup and hair designer for performance makeup for the award winning nightclub ‘Cirque le Soir’.

She has a vast knowledge and more than six years experience working on a variety of makeup projects such as West End theatre stage shows, London’s top make over studio ‘Vanity studios’, film, commercials, beauty and bridal.
Nikki is part of Skins team as micro pigmentation artist and head of Professional makeup academy courses.

Fernando Crivelli

About Fernando Crivelli

Fernando Crivelli has fallen in love with micro pigmentation about 6 years ago and since then he has been improving on several techniques.

His special touch for eyebrows reconstruction drew the attention of the renowned professional James Olaya which led to a great partnership developing and improving the most modern techniques such as Wire Wire, Magic Shadow and Ombrê.

Fernando is an undergraduate Biomedical student & eyebrow micro pigmentation specialist technical instructor at  James Olaya Institute.

He has traveled through Brazil and internationally looking for new techniques to make micro pigmentation becomes an even more recognized art.

Fernando will bring his expertise as guest artist to brighten up Skins Aesthetics team.